GeneForCongress in minnesota CD4

VOTE Gene Rechtzigel 

August 9, 2022 PRIMARY Election

As your Congressman after the General Election, together we will replace darkness with LIGHT, together we will replace discrimination with TRUTH, together we will replace despair with HOPE, and together we will replace hate with LOVE.

God Bless America, and you all!

Gene Rechtzigel gives all the honor and glory to God, the Holy Spirit, and all the good people living in Congressional District 4 who brought this Primary victory to the forefront in these uncertain times as a light to the world, that when we as a people put God first, God will bless us abundantly in this life and in the life to follow. 

Republican Candidate Totals Pct Graph
Gene Rechtzigel 9,036 51.07%
Sia Lo 8,656 48.93%

Updated 08/12/20 9:41 A.M. after 100% of 225 precincts were reported in Primary